the gifted children

As a band that has been left “largely ignored” for the past 17 years, it is a blessing that the gifted children produced such an astounding amount of material. With just a quick glance at the band’s bio page, one will discover that the Buffalo based collective has produced 13 albums, 30 EP’s, and more than 1300 songs. Over the band’s 17 year career, so much music was produced that it would take you roughly 43 straight hours to listen to the band’s complete discography. But fret not, I have worked through the wee hours of the night (much to the dismay of Lucas, my overly-understanding roommate) to bring you what I think are some of the best tracks that this band has to offer.

Not only is the band’s extreme prolificacy coupled of course with a fairly impressive tenure a worthy reason to listen, but the tunes that they put out also merit a listeners full attention. The band’s music is representative of it’s author: a diamond in the rough. With so much music, it is not a bad assumption to suppose that much of their music was born of the phrase “quality over quanity” as opposed it’s converse. But in the same way that we all have a band that holds a place so dear to each and everyone one of our own hearts, where new material is welcome like it’s already adored predecessors, the GC are no exception.

Imagine a completely fresh approach to the Guided By Voices style of songwriting. The Gifted Children, perhaps the most prolific band you’re going to hear of, write immaculate, unique, wonderful songs. Jeff Marsh, Delusions of Adequacy

The music that I have come to know and love deserves, and is entitled, to no other label than eclectic. The collective can surely be filed away on a CD rack as a strange indie band that we all want to love but simply cannot, but there’s more to the GC than their overwhelming weirdness. Shimmering guitars give way to rough and unapologetic lyrics that lag behind and zoom ahead of their loyal instrumentation. Luckily, we can observe the bands somewhat muddling progression through time and space. Formed circa 1995, the band truly came into their own around 2000. With the release of Color Fast Anthems, the band solidified their grasp on lo-fi as a genre. The rough and tumble guitar tracks quickly fall out underneath a passionate and slightly off-key lyrics that forge ahead rain or shine in a fashion that would make Ol’ Jeff Mangum proud.

Another remarkable and truly special aspect of the band’s discography is their loyal and determined attempt to produce their own take on the entire christmas and holiday cannon. With a staggering 7 christmas volumes, the band goes way past the tried and true favourites of the genre, and turns some old and boring tunes into true works of auditory art.