The king of getting screwed over by Soundcloud’s copyright restrictions, Pham is easily in my top 3 favorite producers. Pham’s sound is a heavily hip-hop influenced electronic sound. If I had to make up a term for it, I’d call his stuff future RnB. The Playlist this time around is gonna be quite short because Pham actually got his original Soundcloud completely deleted and all of his tracks removed.
Thankfully, he has done the world a service and made all of his songs available for download for free.

My personal favorites of the list are:
Azealia Banks – Chasing Time (Pham flip)
XXYYXX – DMT (Pham Flip)
A. G. Cook – Beautiful (Pham Flip)

Pham is just an awesome dude who makes awesome music, follow him on his new Soundcloud, and I personally promise you won’t regret it.