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  • Station Update: WMHB COVID Guidelines
    Station Update: The following are the current COVID-19 guidelines for students and Colby staff using the station. Contact a WMHB staff member for questions. All cleaning materials within the space belong to WMHB, and will be replenished should they run out. Please be mindful of the rules and happy DJing!
  • Mé Lon Togo Needs Your Help
    “FELLOW MAINERS: Jordan Benissan is the proud owner and chef of Mé Lon Togo (translated to I love Togo)—two West African inspired restaurants in Searsport and Waterville, Maine. Unfortunately due to the current challenging economic and social landscape, he was recently forced to close his Waterville location. We’re hoping to help Jordan keep his business […]
  • WMHB & Colby’s Response to COVID-19
    WMHB & Colby’s Response to COVID-19 Dear WMHB DJs and Community, Unfortunately due to the closing of Colby’s campus in response to COVID-19, we will have to cancel all programming at WMHB until further notice. I understand this is a difficult time for Colby’s community and we are all still trying to figure out what’s next. Students […]
  • College Radio Day Lineup
    Mayflower Hill Blues w/Cap’N Barney 6:00am-8:00am Cap’n Barney spins the latest blues releases on his show, Mayflower Hill Blues. Artists from around the world play and sing the best in blues from the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. With an emphasis on blues-rock, the show also features acoustic blues, Chicago blues, […]
  • October 4th Is College Radio Day!
    October 4th Is College Radio Day! This year we’re going to try something new at WMHB. On October 4th, we are participating in College Radio Day! The aim of College Radio Day is to raise the profile of college radio stations across the world and encourage increased student participation in the medium of college radio. […]