Christian Gobo

Christian is the Station Manager and President of WMHB. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the station, working closely with staff, management, and the community. Christian can be reached at or

Bianca Vega

Bianca is the Project Manager for WMHB. She coordinates the station’s events, and she manages WMHB’s long-term goals to ensure the station’s growth. Bianca can be reached at

Andrew Iferenta

Andrew is the Programming Director at WMHB. He works closely with DJs, providing training and strengthening the quality of shows. Andrew can be reached at

Jakob de Swaan Arons

Jakob is the Production Director for WMHB. He works with on-air talent to create promos for their shows, and creates general production for the station. Jakob can be reached at

Nils Taylor

Nils is the Music Director and Underwriting Director at WMHB. He helps curate music for the station, listening to new music and updating the station’s collection. He also coordinates the station’s underwriting efforts, and communicates with sponsors. Nils can be reached at

Former Staff

Manny Salas

Manny was the General Manager and Co-President at WMHB from 2018 until 2021.  Manny handles the general maintenance, legal compliance and physical upkeep of the station. Working with the music and studio directors, he helps plan new initiatives at WMHB.

Adjoa Tettey-Fio

In her role as Music Director and Co-President at WMHB (2018-2021), Adjoa oversaw the station’s musical programming, supports the station’s DJs, and handles the integration of new music into the station’s system.

Luke Kelly

Luke served as the Programming Director and DJ Trainer at WMHB from 2018-2021 and was in charge of DJ training, scheduling & programming, and general management of the physical Mayflower Hill Studios space.

Teddy Reiner

Teddy served as WMHB’s first Project Manager. He took the lead on several projects including an interior design overhaul and starting the creation of a new vocal booth. Teddy works to improve our space and create promotional content for social media.

Naoki Kihata

Naoki is the Finance Director at WMHB. He oversees the station’s general finances, purchasing, and works with the underwriting director to maintain the station’s sponsorships and budget.