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Colby Live Guest Session: Melissa Weikart & Brittany Karlson

Thursday, September 26th 8:00PM

Melissa WeikartMelissa Weikart is a vocalist, pianist, and composer based in Boston, MA. Her songs are playful and pensive, inviting listeners to follow twisting melodies and restless dissonances. In December 2017, she released her solo EP “Coffee” on HEC tapes, followed by the release of her live album “Testing All My Memories” in January 2019. She is currently is in the midst of recording a full length studio album. 


Brittany Karlson Bassist/vocalist Brittany Karlson is an adventurous musician with roots in jazz, American old time music, and improvised music. She has performed across the USA, Canada, and Europe in a variety of ensemble settings. Karlson performs original songs under the moniker Karl, having released debut album “Feast Day” on Lungbasket recordings in 2015 and will release upcoming album “And the Green Grass Grows all Around” in 2019. She also has a solo project involving puppeteering behind the bass. 

Bandcamp (Songs) –Youtube (puppet show)