Colby Live: Houston Newsome

Colby Live: Houston Newsome This Friday 9:00AM

Houston Newsome is an aspiring musician, developing poet, and occasional opinionist from Memphis, TN. His first performances on guitar and vocals were at the Mary Low Coffeehouse, and he has since played at bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and main drags in Memphis, Oxford, MS, and Camden, ME. You’ve probably seen him around campus jamming with his adopted family, Wooden Jelly Spoon & Peanut, for whom he provides vocals, baritone guitar, bass, or whatever is needed. If you like what you hear and want to play drums or bass for him, he’s hoping to get his own band started soon! You can find him on Twitter @UTHBOMB99 where he posts jokes, song excerpts, and occasional live broadcasts, and if you ask him nicely, he might post on YouTube as well. He would like to thank bandmate Luke Kelly and all the wonderful people at WMHB for this amazing opportunity. Party on, Garth